Document automation for everyone.

That's what we are on about. Having already built two successful products in LawSwitch and FamilyProperty, we understand a thing or two about document automation. We know how to automate complex documents at scale. We also appreciate how hard it is to get it right.

Docompile is the result of wrapping up our innovative approach to documentation into a single, simple to use API, and delivering it in a way so everyone can leverage document automation.

Legal services

Convert your legal precidents and documents into automated and personalized smart legal templates. Generate legal documents at light speed.

Sales and marketing

Replace the manual, repetitive task of drafting personalized sales and marketing material with automated templates, freeing up your sales team to do more.

Financial services

Build customizable reports, statements and other financial documents that can be generated on-demand and are adapted to different scenarios.

Products and apps

If you need to generate dynamic content on the fly in your product or app, then Docompile provides a solution that's implemented with a few lines of code.

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