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Use docompile for free and make up to 50 requests each month on our free tier.

Or choose to pay as you go, where you only pay $9 per 500 API requests. This way your bills match your monthly usage patterns, you don't pay for higher quotas than what you actually use.

Note: Your credit usage resets at the beginning of each month, and un-used credits do not roll over into the next month. We'll automatically allocate more credits as you need them to provide you with uninterupted service.

Transactions are processed in US dollars (USD).

50 requests p/m


Try out docompile for free with up to 50 free requests per month.


500 request credits


Automatically added as you need more. Credits reset each month.


What is a request credit?

A request credit is required to make an API request to our document generation endpoint. Requests that result in either a success or error result still use up a credit. If you are on our usage based billing plan then we'll automatically assign more credits to your account (in groups of 500, incuring a $9 charge each time) as you need them. You are limited to 50 free credits per month on our free tier.

What happens when I use up the 50 free credits in any given month?

You can make up to 50 document generation API requests for free each (calendar) month on our free tier only. Once you reach that limit, the generation API will return errors till the start of the next calendar month, where you API usage will be reset.

How does usage based billing work?

Usage based billing works by counting how many times you use our document generation API endpoint in the current month. Both successful and failed requests are counted.

When you start making requests, we will automatically allocate an initial set of 500 API request credits, for $9. As you use up all your available credits, we will automatically allocate another 500 API request credits to your account, which will incur an additional $9 charge each time to that month's bill. We'll automatically allocate more credits as you need them to provide you with uninterupted service.

If I have un-used credits at the end of the billing month, do they roll over into the next month?

No, any allocated request credits must be used in the billing month that they were assigned in. We've kept the automatic credit allocation amount (500) as small as we can so your bills match your monthly usage patterns.

When am I billed?

You will be billed at the end of each billing month. Your total credit allocation for that month will be counted (in sets of 500) and your total bill for that month will be calculated at $9 per allocation.

Example: if you used 1,410 request credits in a billing month, then your bill will be $27. Calculation: 3 allocations (1,500 credits included) x $9.

Can I switch between the free tier and usage based billing?

As soon as you switch from the free tier to usage based billing, your billing month will commence, and the next API request you make will be counted as usage in that month.

If you downgrade to the free tier and have an outstanding charge, this will still be processed at the end of your billing month, and you will be limited back to the 50 free requests each month. Switching back to usage based billing will then resume your existing billing month, and continue to aggregate any API requests made.

Does testing a template cost a credit?

If you use our document generation endpoint to test your template then yes. We do provide a template tester screen which is great for testing out template snippets against sample JSON data, which provides realtime results, and doesn't incur any credit costs to use.

Can I view my monthly usage?

Yes! You can view your usage (and any upcoming charges) from your Account screen, and drill into each API request from our Logs explorer screen.

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